Some treats from foreign shores‏

Over the last week I have enjoyed some sweet treats from two different continents and since I enjoyed them so much I thought I’d just put up a short post about them.

Cakes and Macaroons
The first treats were sampled in France.  I was visiting for a couple of days in order to look for flats for my impending move.  Having considered the situation I have decided that I would much rather live just over the border in France rather than in Geneva itself as it’s extremely hard to find accommodation in Geneva.  The town where I’m hoping to live in is St Genis-Pouilly, which is just past CERN (I have yet to hear if I have got the flat I want).

Wandering round I was delighted to find that it has not one but two patisseries on its main high street, one a little posher than the other but both equally delicious looking.  Naturally I had to sample both!

The posher patisserie had a huge display of macaroons, elegant cakes and breads and pastries.  From here I bought some croissants for the next day’s breakfast and a bright orange cake which was called “Azur”. The description for the cake mentioned peach and thyme, but there was much more going on inside with layers of sponge, cream and mandarin segments.  This was a deliciously light cake and being very more-ish, it soon disappeared.  The croissants were great too, I think I could get used to having those for breakfast each day!

The Azur cakeInside the cake

In the second bakery I bought some macaroons.  Macaroons hold something of a fascination for me, I first remember seeing them whilst walking through Harrods several years ago and being fascinated by the bright colours.  I’ve not yet had the courage to make any macaroons myself, but hope to in the future.  Anyway, the prospect of real French macaroons was too much to say no to and I bought myself a box to bring home.

My macaroons

These light and delicate treats were packed with flavour and didn’t last long at all at home.  I suspect that if I manage to get my flat in St Genis I will be visiting both these places quite regularly.

So, back in Cardiff on Monday night it was the VIP Grand Opening of Krispy Kreme.  I’ve never been to a Grand Opening before (or been called a VIP!) and was extremely excited, not least because there would be doughnuts on offer.  I have previously enjoyed these American offerings when in London, and by pure chance happened to be passing when the newly opened branch in Birmingham Selfridges were handing out free ones so I know what treats I was in for.

Enjoying the launch

There has been a lot of excitement in Cardiff about the arrival of Krispy Kreme, something borne out by the fact that when I arrived there were two people camping outside for the official opening the next day (I like doughnuts, but not that much).  By the time the store did open today there was quite a queue which, providing the novelty doesn’t wear off, bodes well for it’s longevity.

With the staff wandering round continually with trays of doughnuts it was very easy to over indulge in sweet things and so that’s exactly what I did.  I ate four, a cookie crème, an original glazed, an easter special and an apple and cinnamon doughnut.  Of the four, the Easter special was my favourite as it was filled with the most delicious vanilla custard!

The selection of doughnuts

The staff within the store must love their doughnuts, they seemed incredibly passionate about them while they circulated.  The opening was well attended with a mix of local media, sports people and high ranking members of Krispy Kreme. I think everyone at the opening had a great time and being sent home with two dozen doughnuts certainly helped!

An Original Glazed Doughnut and some champagne – delicious!

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3 Responses to “Some treats from foreign shores‏”

  1. convictstock Says:

    Those macaroons look delicious…I’ve never actually had one…when the first Krispy Kreme opened here in Australia people were camping out overnight to get them, (apparently it was the first store opened outside the US)…good on you for eating four, the most I have done is three in one sitting! The one with lemon butter inside is to die for!!

  2. All That I'm Eating Says:

    Those cakes look amazing! Congratulations on eating 4 Krispy Kremes, that’s quite an achievement!

  3. Greedy Rosie Says:

    MMh, Krispy Kreme. They opened in Bristol about a year back now, and previously I had only had them in London. They’re my favourite guilty pleasure.

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