A Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter Egg

When I lived and studied in Nottingham I used to love popping into the Hotel Chocolat shop and gazing in wonder at the array of goodies on display.  These chocolatley treats were always sure to tempt and I would indulge myself as often as my student finances would allow.  Sadly, as now I’m back in Cardiff, we have no such shop to wander round.  I was therefore eggstatic (I couldn’t resist the pun ) to be offered the chance to review one of their Easter Eggs.

Easter eggs don’t normally appeal to me, I find them rather overpriced and the egg itself is usually made of rather thin inferior chocolate.  I would much prefer to buy some proper chocolate in a traditional bar shape, than spend my money on the novelty shape (although I do make an exception for Lindor rabbits). This however looked to be a different kettle of fish, it may cost a lot more than your average easter egg (it’s twenty four pounds!), but that’s because it bears no resemblance to the average egg from the supermarket.

First off there’s the box it arrives in, a sturdy elegant construction in deep chocolate brown and cream tied with a Hotel Chocolat ribbon, no gaudy easter bunnies here.

The Egg in its Box

The egg I received was the ’Serious Dark Fix’, an extra thick 70% cocoa egg inside which a selection of dark chocolates were hidden. The egg itself is two individually wrapped halves, each filled with a small bundle of flavoured chocolate.  The chocolate of the egg is as described, very thick, and one half has cocoa nibs in it for extra variety.

The Two Halves Wrapped

Both are made from a lovely 70% cocoa chocolate which is extremely smooth as it melts in your mouth.  There is very little bitterness, just a building deep chocolate flavour which I think would definitely convert most milk chocolate lovers over to the dark side. The chocolate is surprisingly light and you could easily devour the whole egg without feeling overloaded.  The cocoa nibs in the one half were a lovely addition giving the chocolate a great crunch and extra dimension.

The Half with Cocoa Nibs In

Inside each half is a mini present of six dark chocolate flavoured chocolates including a Single Malt Smoothie and Coffee Liquid Caramel.  My partner wasn’t so keen on their sweetness compared to the rich shell, but I loved them.  The two containing alcohol were seriously strong, they took my breath away and the chocolates had the same elegance and smooth texture you expect form Hotel Chocolate.  My favourite was the %-second chilli.  This started off tasting like any conventional praline chocolate (well, not any, a very nice praline chocolate!) but slowly the chilli flavour starts to build as the chocolate flavour recedes.  Very nice indeed!

The Non Nibbed Half with the Six Chocolates

All in all this was a grown-up alternative to the usual tacky easter eggs and chocolates.  The chocolate of the eggs shell was of the same high quality of all Hotel Chocolate products and the truffles within were great.  This was a lovely trip down memory lane for me, I hope that Hotel Chocolate open a store in Cardiff soon!


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