Sweetbird Smoothies – Another Taste Test

So following on from my previous article, I’d also been sent some slightly healthier smoothies to go with cookies.  These were also made by Beyond the Bean, and are part of their Sweetbird Smoothie range (oh, the companies love of illiteration).

These are made with 100% ethically sourced fruit, contained no artificial additives and came in three flavours: Orange and Mango, Passionfruit and Pineapple and Apple and Blackcurrant.  A lot of the juice is from concentrate, which is a shame, but the smoothies still had plenty of body.  They are pasteurized and so have really good dates (5 months+) so you can keep a stock in the fridge.

The Three Smoothies

Orange and Mango – The main ingredient of this is actually apple juice, but there is also a fair amount of orange and mango juice (26% and 17% respectively).

The orange and mango smoothie

It smelt suitably fruity and tropical.  The flavour matched this and tasted pretty tropical too, if a little indistinct.  Personally I found it a bit over sweet, some more of the citrus sharpness of the orange wouldn’t have gone amiss.  It made a nice afternoon snack but was a bit too sickly for the morning.

Pineapple and Passionfruit – This was a slightly off-putting custard yellow and contained an impressive 40% pineapple juice and 10% passion fruit.

The pineapple and passionfruit smoothie

Again this had a very tropical smell but this time the taste had a bit more sharpness to it. This was a surprise as both predominant flavours are very sweet.  I wasn’t going to complain though as it meant that this was one I could enjoy for breakfast without my teeth aching.  In addition to the pineapple and passionfruit, rather unusually, I still could also taste the banana which had been used to give the drink body.

Apple and Blackcurrant – Given that the Orange and Mango smoothie was largely made of apple juice I was surprised to see that this one was mainly banana – there is something strange going on with these ingredients.  Another highlight on the ingredients list was ‘black carrot juice’. This is something I’ve not come across before but which sounded intriguing.

The apple and blackcurrant smoothie

Like the orange and mango this was a little over sweetened for my tastes, but had a lovely deep berry flavour that made up for this.  There was not much apple flavour floating around, but I didn’t miss it as the blackcurrant was lovely all by itself.  I couldn’t taste the carrot at all, but I assume it was in there doing me good.

These smoothies were not unpleasant, though rather none descript and oversweet.  Unlike with the cookies, the passionfruit flavour was more successful this time and it was my favourite of the three smoothies.

All in all, my treats from Beyond the Bean were a bit of a mixed bag. Although it was not all to my taste, there was also things such as the passion fruit smoothie that I would recommend and buy.


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