Some Sweet Treats from Beyond the Bean: Cookies

After sampling Beyond the Bean’s rather colourful Cosy TeaTM I was quite excited at the prospect of trying some of their other ranges.  I was delighted when I was recently sent some cookies and smoothies plus some crackers for cheese (more to come later on the cmoothies and crackers another day).

The cookies were Byron Bay Bakehouse Butterburst Cookies (sooo many B’s!!!) and came in three flavours: Choc and Hazelnut, Citrus Lemon and Passionfruit.  I started with the Choc and Hazelnut.  Opening this pack there was an aroma just like nutella which immediately got my attention in a good way.

The Choc Hazelnut Cookies

Taste wise these reminded me more of biscotti, the flavour was all nuts with just the slightest hint of cocoa.   The texture couldn’t have been more different as the cookies were light and crisp, they almost dissolved in the mouth like candyfloss  and left a certain richness from the butter.  I would have liked a bit more chocolate oomph given its name, which should have been hazelnut and choc frankly! If this had been billed as a hazelnut cookie I would have been delighted.

I tried the citrus lemon cookies next.

The Citus Lemon Cookies

Again opening the pack these had a great smell, all fresh and zesty.  The biscuits themselves only had a hint of lemon about them; the predominant flavour was the butter!  Again these were very crisp and crunchy yet melted in the mouth.  I think they could have packed a bit more lemon punch, but they were nice all the same.

The final flavour was the passionfruit, something which intrigued me as I would never have thought of putting passionfruit into a dry biscuit (a cream filling maybe, but not the biscuit itself!)

The Passionfruit Cookies

It turns out there is a reason why I hadn’t seen any other passionfruit flavoured biscuits; it just did not work at all.  The cookie smelt rather a lot like the fruit salad chews (which are apparently raspberry and pineapple flavour, not a passionfruit in sight) and this sickly sweetness seemed rather at odds with the biscuit texture.  The taste itself was quite strong (unlike in the other two cookies) and tasted very artificial.  I have to admit that I couldn’t finish my cookie and even my partner (who will normally eat anything) wasn’t keen.  One for the ducks I think.

All in all these cookies were nice, but not amazing.  I think the choc and nut and lemon cookies would make nice accompaniments to a hot drink.  The butter did come through making these rich in the mouth, but overall I think they were a little underwhelming.  For something called a cookie I think they could have done with a few more chunky bits of choc, nut or lemon etc (Byron Bay Bakehouse Butterburst Biscuits would be more accurate, but I fear it was just one “B” to many!).    The passionfruit however was not something I would like to experience again.

Eating the passionfruit cookie


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One Response to “Some Sweet Treats from Beyond the Bean: Cookies”

  1. Christina_Cookie Gifts Says:

    I’m going to try to make some of those passion fruit cookies this weekend. They look so good.

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