Miniature Food – My secret love

I adore miniature versions of normal food and the run up to Christmas holiday is the perfect time to indulge my adoration.  There is something about the cute nature of miniature food that means I’m willing to accept a lower quality in return for a scaled down version of a traditional meal.  I can’t resist a tiny meal that looks like it’s been shrunk as I love that Alice in Wonderland feeling.  It must be pretty popular with other people as well because there is plenty available in the shops this year.  Surprisingly, some of what I’ve eaten was pretty good!

Rather than just saving miniature food for buffets at parties, I think it can also make a great (if not overly varied) meal for one!  Throughout December I took advantage of the plethora of party food in the shops and have eaten this way several times.  I’ve now decided to share my strange obsession and my views on what I’ve consumed.

Mini Burgers

The first option to tempt me was the mini cheeseburgers from Morrisons. These were found in the fresh section with packs of eight burgers costing £3 and two packs for £5.

Mini burgers!

These were cooked by heating four burgers at a time in the microwave for just over a minute, making them very easy to prepare.  After this minute the cheese had melted and the burger was scalding.  The burgers themselves were great, they actually tasted of meat and the gouda and ketchup finished them perfectly.  I just about managed to eat all eight burgers in my pack and was bursting when I was done.  These were a great alternative to a traditional burger and fries and I would get them again.  Good for the young at heart as well as the young!

Mini Smoked Salmon

Not long after the burgers, I decided to try some mini smoked salmon and chive cream cheese bagels from Lidl.  These are part of their “Deluxe” range, costing £1.99 for 10 and are found in the frozen section.

Mini bagels with chive cream cheese and smoked salmon

These needed no cooking, only defrosting and there are only 46 calories in a bagel (I didn’t dare look with the other party food I tried!) so you can eat all ten with a clear conscience.  They looked great on a plate and each bagel had plenty of filling.  I had my concerns about the freezing of cream cheese, but it seemed to have survived this quite well.  The smoked salmon had been rolled into a ballontine before slicing to produce perfect circle slices which tasted delicious.   The bagels were quite substantial due to the amount of bread, but were tasty enough that I didn’t bored eating them.  My only complaint is that each bagel was dusted with quite a lot of flour which got everywhere!

Mini Fish and Chips

My next choice was a meal I had wanted to try for a long time: Mini fish and chip cones!  The ones I choose were from Iceland and cost £2 for 12 (bargain!).

Mini fish and chip cones

These needed to be cooked from frozen and took about 20 minutes.  You then had to make up the cones.  My slight issue was that although there was one easy to do piece of fish per cone, it was hard to judge the amount of chips to put in each.  This slight delay meant that the chips had cooled a bit by the time I ate them (the fish stayed piping hot). The chips were also a little dry so I had to grab some sauce to put upon them. All 12 cones were far too much for one sitting and I could only manage 6, so my partner helped out.

Although not the greatest fish and chips, and definitely no replacement for a proper cone of chips, these were great fun and good value.  The paper cones could easily be reused.

Mini Chicken and Mushroom Wellingtons

As a final adventure, I decided to delve into the slightly more upmarket options. I went for the mini chicken and mushroom wellingtons from Morrisons “The Best” range.

Mini chicken and mushroon wellingtons

These cost £4 for 12 (or two pack for £7) and were once again found in the fresh section.  They took fifteen minutes to cook in the oven and needed to be placed on greaseproof paper.  Unlike many of the previous option there were not pre-cooked.  As soon as I took these out of the pack I could smell tarragon and as they were cooking the scents of the chicken and mushroom poured out the oven.  With all the delicious scents I was starving by the time these were cooked.  They had risen beautifully and cutting them open released even more delicious smells

The Wellingtons were a little pastry heavy, but that is hard to avoid on such small things.  The pastry tasted great though and the filling was delicious.  These were a real naughty mouthful of flavour!

Mini Steak and Ale Pies

The companions for the Wellingtons were also from the posh Morrisons range. These were mini steak and ales pies, costing£4 for 12.  These took slightly longer in the oven, about 20 minutes and they came partially cooked.

Mini steak and ale pie

The pastry on the pies was delicious, very buttery and crumbly.  There was plenty of deep tasting gravy and tiny chunks of meat.  Far too big or one bite, these were not the easiest things to eat as the filling would try to escape once the pastry was breached.  A knife and fork would be best but this rather defeats the idea of party food!

Overall I think that, despite the dusty fingerprints left throughout my house, the mini bagels were my favourite option.  They were very tasty and good value for money.  In a wide world of miniature food they were also something a little different and new.

After that the burgers were great for pyjama evenings and the mini Wellingtons for a slightly classier occasion.  Unfortunately all these party ranges are not available all year round so I’ll have to gorge now while I can! I look forward to next December so I can hunt out even more miniature options!


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2 Responses to “Miniature Food – My secret love”

  1. Janice Says:

    lol, I thought you’d made the miniature food, thanks for the taste test though. I’m not partying this year so won’t be buying any of these things. Having proper full sized fish and chips tonight! Happy New Year.

  2. rhiannong Says:

    I don’t think my skills are quite up to making mini pies yet :-p. Happy New Years and enjoy your proper fish and chips!

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