Lots and Lots of Yogurt (plus some other nice treats)

Just before I went on Holiday I was contacted by Rachel’s Dairy who asked if I would like to receive some of their products to try.  I was really excited to have been asked and quickly replied yes!

A few days after I got back from Malta a huge box was delivered.  It was unpacked with much enthusiasm and over the past couple of weeks I have been incorporating what I received into my cooking.  Inside the box there was three large pots of yogurt, natural bio, coconut Greek style and gooseberry and some double cream.  There was also two breakfast options of a luxury strawberry yogurt a low fat yogurt with granola sprinkles, and some rice puddings. All Rachel’s products are made with organic welsh milk and the company strongly believes in all things green, two things that made me smile.

The contents of my box

The first thing I used was some of the double cream.  This went into a celeriac and parsnip bake which I served with some sausages.

The bake with sausages

The bake involved cubing and boiling 300g of parsnip and 500g of celeriac.  When cooked the cubes were mashed together with some butter, two (heaped!) tablespoons of cream, a pinch of nutmeg and a good load of sage.

The ingredients, ready to mash and once mashed

The mash was then transferred into a roasting dish and topped with a mixture of rough breadcrumbs, about 20g of ground almonds, parmesan cheese and olive oil.  With the topping added the dish went into the oven for 30 minutes at 180C and was a lovely golden colour when cooked.

Before and after baking

The bake tasted great, it had an earthy woodiness that went well with the cooler weather.  The cream from Rachel’s dairy was exceptionally thick, it was more like a clotted cream than double, and this made the bake very rich, a lovely (if naughty) change from my usual elmlea light.


The next thing I made were some ploughman’s rolls, a recipe I found on the Rachel’s website and using the low fat natural bio yogurt.   I’d never really thought of using yogurt in bread, but it worked really well.

Ingredients for the Ploughmans Rolls

I started my rolls by rubbing the butter into the flour until it resembled breadcrumbs and then adding the yeast.  I didn’t have any Dorset cereal muesli, so instead I added a mixture of seeds I had in my cupboard and some rolled oats.  Next I heated the milk and yogurt in the microwave, before mixing everything together.  In the end I found that I needed to add a couple of tablespoons more milk than was specified in the recipe in order to bind everything together and form my dough.  The dough was then popped in the airing cupboard for 40 minutes to rise.

making the dough and letting it rise

When the dough had doubled I knocked it back and divided it into eight (slightly uneven!) rolls which then went back into the cupboard to rise some more.  After another spell in the cupboard the rolls were finally ready to go in the oven.  They took about 15 minutes on 220C and came out a lovely golden colour.  When the rolls were cool I filled them with either cheese or ham and salad, making a great lunch or snack!

turned into rolls, baked and filled

I’m not great with bread, I don’t normally make mixes from scratch, so I was pretty pleased with how these turned out.  They weren’t the prettiest (or the lightest) rolls in the world, but they were tasty and the seeds and oats gave a great texture.


A few nights later I made a creamy peanut curry using the coconut flavoured Greek yogurt.

Ingredients for the curry

I began this by gently frying off some finally diced shallots with a diced clove of garlic. Then I added a teaspoon of pre-chopped chilli, two teaspoons of ginger paste and two teaspoons of coriander paste.  When this was cooked through I added 75mls of chicken stock, 3 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter and 100g of the coconut Greek yogurt. This was all stirred together to form the sauce.  To this sauce I added some potato and butternut squash that I had cubed and steamed, then served everything with some rice.

making the curry sauce and served up

The sauce for the curry is really easy to make and is wonderfully nutty and fragrant.  It would be easy to add more chilli if you prefer a kick and would work well with chicken if you didn’t fancy a vegetarian option.  The yogurt was very nice in the curry, especially the slight fruitiness from the coconut; however I was not so keen when eating it plain as the coconut pieces gave it quite a grainy texture.


Another quick and easy meal, which also used the low fat bio yogurt, was my take on the pasta primavera on the Rachel’s site.  I changed the veg. suggested to courgettes, leeks, carrots and red pepper since that was what was in my fridge.  These were all fried in a wok before some yogurt, pesto and cooked pasta was added.  The whole thing took 10 minutes to make and was tasty as well as healthy (pretty low fat, too).

Pasta ingredients and all cooked

The final recipe I made was a simple dessert (also from the Rachel’s site!) of gooseberry fool.  I halved the recipe as I was making it for two and so I whisked up 225g of gooseberry, 225g of gooseberry yogurt, 50g of double cream and 50g of readymade custard with a good slug of lemon juice.  The mix was then placed into martini glasses and chilled before serving.

Goosberry fool ingredients and in the glasses

This was a really easy but flavoursome dessert which just slipped down.  A great one for when you don’t have much time!

When not cooking with them I generally enjoyed the different yogurts and other products (apart from the coconut Greek).  The low fat bio yogurt was really great and just as lovely eaten plain as it was in the cooking.  The gooseberry wholemilk yogurt was a lovely treat in the morning.  Of the other things in my box, the forbidden fruits pot was delicious: very creamy and full of fruit. The Divine Rice lived up to its name.  The low fat breakfast yogurt with granola was nice, however I found the granola a bit chewy but overall I enjoyed eating and using all my products.  A lovely box of goodies to have come home to!

I’ll be buying some of these products again and can’t wait to try some more flavours from the forbidden fruits range divine desserts chocolate yogurt with chocolate curls.


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2 Responses to “Lots and Lots of Yogurt (plus some other nice treats)”

  1. Wendy@The Omnivorous Bear Says:

    Oh dear… I am reading this while feeling hungry and all it’s doing is making me feel hungrier! I do bake a lot of bread and rolls but I’ve not added yoghurt before… what a great idea, I might do this tonight.

  2. Nick P Says:

    Love Rachels yoghurt! I use it in our yoghurt spoons with pistachio and pomegranate. Some great recipes here Rhi – the curry looks lush! 🙂

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