Individual Toad in the Holes

A couple of months ago I bought some large non stick ramekins from Wilkinsons which then sat in my cupboard while I tried to think of what to do with them.  A few nights ago the answer finally came to me – Individual Toad in the Holes!  My partner is from Sheffield and considers himself a proper Yorkshireman, so I always get a bit nervous with Yorkshire puddings for fear of offending his Northern sensibilities. Regardless, I decided to be brave and give this a go.


The first thing to do was to make up my batter since this would need to rest a bit.  I don’t tend to use proper measurements for my batter (risky I know!) but instead use a mug or just go by eye.  In this case I went for a cup, adding about ¾ mug of plain flour, ¾ mug of milk and an egg.  For extra flavour I also added salt pepper and about a teaspoon of dried rosemary.  This was all beaten to within an inch of its life to create a smooth batter, which was then popped in the fridge for a while.

The batter mix

With the batter in the fridge I poured some oil in the ramekins and put into the oven to get them nice and hot, and then started to brown my sausages and onions.  For two I used a whole red onion cut into fairly thick slices and 4 sausages which I halved so they would fit in the ramekins.  When everything was nicely coloured, the batter had sat a fair while and the ramekins and oil were suitably hot, I divided up the sausages and onions between the ramekins.

The sausages and onions in the ramekins

Next up was the tricky bit. I poured the batter into the ramekins on top of the hot oil, filling them nearly to the brim, and got them in the oven as quickly as possible (well, I did take one picture first!).  By this time there were also some potatoes roasting away in the oven.

Pouring in the batter

With everything in the oven the worrying could start. I fretfully watched to see if the puddings were rising and got so excited when they started on their way that I had to photograph it (apologies for how dirty my oven door is!)

The growing yorkshire puddings

Satisfied that things were heading in the right direction I quickly prepared my veg (peas and carrots, nice and traditional) and a bit of gravy (the fat from the sausages mixed with stock, corn flour and good old bisto gravy browning powder) and soon everything was ready to serve.

The final meal

I was very relieved to find that the puddings came out of the ramekins easily and intact.  They looked great on the plate and the tasted damn fine too!  The batter had crisped nicely and the rosemary really came through.  This was definitely a success and even the Northern lad was impressed with how it turned out!


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2 Responses to “Individual Toad in the Holes”

  1. Hanna Says:

    Such a cute idea! Love the little ramekins too!

  2. Lucy Says:

    Those look amazing! Yum!

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