An indulgent dinner for one

Tuesday night I was dining alone and the evening was cold and wet so I wanted something filling, comforting and quite naughty to make up for this fact.  Looking through my fridge I spotted some lovely ripe figs that I had bought (they’re currently on offer at 3 for £1 in Morrisons) and decided I would make something new incorporating one of them.

Rummaging around to see what else I had I decided upon a creation of pasta, with honey baked fig, goats cheese and prosciutto, which sounded sufficiently rich and indulgent if a little unusual.  A quick search of the web revealed this combination appearing many times with bread or a salad, but never with pasta, but undeterred I carried on as you never know, I could end up creating an undiscovered masterpiece.

To start off I quartered my fig, covered it with a good squeeze of orange blossom honey and baked it in the oven on 180C for about 15 minutes and once it was cooked through I chopped it into small pieces, a very easy task since the fig was now extremely soft!  It broke down very well creating a sweet sauce.

While the fig w

The fig before and after being in the oven and once chopped up

as in the oven I cubed up some goats cheese, (about 20 grams), tore up my slice of prosciutto and cooked my pasta.  With everything ready I added the macerated fig, goats cheese and prosciutto to my pasta before also adding copious amounts of extra virgin olive oil, pepper and a good squeeze of lemon juice which I intended to balance the sweetness of the fig.  I then topped the lot with an extra glug of honey (for luck J) and mixed everything together and served it up.

The result was suitably sticky and dense in the mouth, but slipped down thanks to the oil and juice.  Yes it was sweet, but it wasn’t overly so and it didn’t taste like a dessert.  The lemon and goats cheese gave a lovely sharp counter point to the fig and honey and the pepper added a layer of gentle warmth.  If I’m honest, it didn’t need the extra squirt honey, but I just couldn’t help myself when putting the dish together (I do have a sweet tooth).

The fig flavour is not something that would be to everyone’s’ taste (I know my partner would hate it!), and it was extremely rich as well as sweet.  By the end I felt very full up indeed, but I feel it accomplished what I was looking for and I will probably try it again if I find myself eating alone on a cold dark night once more.


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3 Responses to “An indulgent dinner for one”

  1. Laura Charlotte Says:

    Ooooh I love figs….this looks really interesting – must try it sometime.
    Welldone for making the longlist of the Wales Blog Awards by the way – I am also on the lifestyle list and it’s really nice to meet other welsh bloggers 🙂

    Laura x

  2. The Omnivorous Bear Says:

    Well, I think that sounds delicious! I would probably avoid the honey as I don’t have a sweet tooth but I can imagine that mix is beyond gorgeous!

  3. Chef Dennis Says:

    we never know what works until we try it….I bet it was a very interesting combination of flavors!! Keep thinking outside the box!

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