Chicken in a Lemon and Butter sauce

Another evening and another delicious and healthy Gino D ‘Acampo I Diet meal.  Flicking though the book this recipe jumped out at me despite there not being a picture (I normally go for the meals that look tasty as I think the visual appeal of a meal is important), the description just sounded that enticing.   Then there was the mystery of the whole thing, how could something in a butter sauce be in a diet book, I was intrigued!

The recipe itself is fairly straightforward, there’s only a handful of ingredients and only takes 10 minutes to prepare and cook.  The suggested accompaniment in the book was a salad, and even though the nice weather seems to have returned again I felt something a little more substantial was required and so I decided to serve it with a cannellini bean and basil mash and braised peas and cabbage.

I made the mash by boiling up the sauce before mashing with some olive oil and copies amounts of chopped basil and the cabbage and peas were braised in some chicken stock.

Cannelleni Bean and Basil Mash

The Braised Peas and Cabbage

To cook the chicken and sauce I began by cutting two breasts of chicken in half before coating in seasoned flour.  In a large frying pan I heated some oil and a little butter and cooked the chicken.

Frying my chicken pieces

When done, the chicken came out and went to one side to be kept warm (I put some foil over it) and the pan was deglazed with 2 tablespoons of chicken stock and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice before 30g of butter (or in my case sorck baking since my butter had gone awol) was melted in to complete the sauce.

Making the Sauce

Well the meal was divine.  The lemon sauce reminded me more of a Chinese lemon chicken sauce than something Italian (in flavour, not texture – the sauce itself was fairly thin compared to my experiences of Chinese takeaway lemon chicken), and there was also plenty of it, but neither of those things is a complaint.  Given how nice the sauce turned out to be I wish I had actually saved some for use on another meal, as it was I served the lot!  Having been cooked so quickly the chicken was still moist and succulent and the flour gave it a lovely golden colour and a bit of a crunchy texture.

The Whole Dish

I still can’t believe that this meal is healthy; if you just tasted it you would never guess it came from a diet book!  Considering how straight forward this was to cook and how much I enjoyed the end result I think this will make a good meal for when I have company, requiring very little time away from guests and allowing plenty of spare calories for a naughty pud.


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One Response to “Chicken in a Lemon and Butter sauce”

  1. The Omnivorous Bear Says:

    What a great recipe! (And especially because it allows you leeway for other things! 😉 )

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