A Lazy F1 Weekend

This weekend was the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa.  Several months ago the plan was for my partner and I to actually travel to Belgium and watch the Grand Prix, however my gallbladder hospital visit meant that this was no longer possible.  Instead we had to stay at home and watch on the TV and so I decided to cook a selection of snacks for us to pick at while we enjoyed the racing, rather than our usual pasta or pizza.

For Saturday’s final practice and qualifying (although I was lucky enough to get Friday off to watch the first two practice sessions, my partner was not so no fun food for then) the main snack I made were some vegetarian samosas.

For my samosa filling I boiled up some cubed potato and carrot.  In a saucepan I softened some onions before adding garlic, garam masala, medium curry powder and turmeric and cooking the spices through.  I then mixed in the cooked potato and carrot, some chopped spinach and some petit pois before finally adding tomato ketchup to bind the mixture together.  This mix was kept on the heat for another few minutes and stirred, this allowed the potato to break down a little and therefore thicken the mixture.  Once this was done he mixture went into the fridge to cool.

To actually assemble the samosas I took several sheets of filo pastry and cut them into strips before placing some of the chilled filling at one end before folding the pastry up the strip in a triangle shape.  Once assembled the samosas went onto a floured backing tray, were egg washed and then topped with black onion/nigella seeds (which have nothing to do with onions or Ms Lawson) before being cooked at around 180°c for 15 minutes.  When these were done I served them with sweet chilli sauce for dipping.

Once I had made the samosas I had a little filo left over and so I also decided to made some little parcels filled with cheddar and some apple and cider chutney which were baked in the oven in silicon fairy cake cases to stop the cheese going everywhere.  Finally I used up some mozzarella I had coating it in basil and wrapping it in some Serrano ham

Onto Sunday and the race itself I made some mini scotch eggs, some red pepper hummus and some chips with mayo (in a tribute the Belgium).

First up the hummus, on Saturday I had soaked about 100g of dried chick peas in water and on Sunday morning I simmered these for about 2 hours to cook them through.   Once the chickpeas were cooked and had cooled a bit I could actually make the hummus.  I placed the chickpeas into a food processor along with some garlic, olive oil, a cooked and skinned red pepper, salt and a little of the cooking water from the chick peas.  This was simply blended until smooth(ish), my blenders not great so I couldn’t get this quite as smooth as I would like.  My plan had been to make some flatbreads to eat this with, but I ran out of time so I served this with salt and balsamic vinegar kettle chips, something that really worked (although that could just have been because the crisps were awesome).

Next up were the scotch eggs.  I wanted to make some mini scotch eggs and had managed to get some quails eggs from the fishmongers in the market off all places.

I decided that I would make two varieties; pork and sage and pork with sundried tomato and basil.  I used about 150g of minced pork for each mix and to this I added about 6 sage leaves in one and two chopped sundried tomatoes and a good squeeze of basil (from a tube) in the other.

To start constructing the eggs I fist boiled 6 quails eggs for 5 minutes before placing them in ice water to cool and once cooled I removed the shells.  I split each mince mixture into three and then wrapped the meat around the eggs, trying to ensure it was even.  This ball then went first into some flour, then some egg and finally my breadcrumbs.

The eggs were then chilled in the fridge for a little before being fried in oil and drained on kitchen paper before serving.  They were definitely smaller than traditional scotch eggs, but by no means a mini as I had imagined.  Nice though! Especially the tomato and basil, I think I’ll be trying some more flavours in the near future.

The final thing to make was the chips, and I decided to cheat since time was short and so we had curly fries out the freezer.  Not quite the authentic Belgian experience but tasty all the same.

All in all I enjoyed making all these snacks, and this sort of finger food was great when concentrating on the TV.  The race was very exciting and one of the best this season and I think I’ll remember the weekend for a while yet.  I now can’t wait for Monza in two weeks time.


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9 Responses to “A Lazy F1 Weekend”

  1. The Omnivorous Bear Says:

    Wow! I always make such a mess of peeling quail’s eggs! That looks fabulous.

    • rhiannong Says:

      The peeling was so much harder than I expected, there were bits of shell stuck to everything! Was worth it though! Was really pleased how well they turned out.

  2. The Omnivorous Bear Says:

    That’s what I always find… I have never yet managed to produce the beautifully peeled eggs you see on TV programmes! There must be a trick to it that we don’t know. I’ve tried rolling them to fracture the shell all over, using a teaspoon…maybe what we need is someone else to do the peeling!

  3. rhiannong Says:

    I wonder if you can buy them ready peeled, might be there a market there…..

  4. Matt Says:

    Hey, this looks great! My friend has been doing something similar – she’s been making a meal from the country the Grand Prix is racing in!

    I wish I watched the Grand Prix, just so I could get in on this 🙂

  5. noblenourishment Says:

    Those scotch eggs look fabulous! I want to try them, I saw a recipe for them that adds black pudding to the pork, so will give that a try!

  6. Gourmet Gorman Says:

    Great post. As others have said here, those scotch eggs look utterly amazing.

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