Our stack of plates!

My partner and I love sushi – in fact our first date was at a sushi restaurant, something that filled me with fear into me due to my inability to consume sushi with any kind of elegance.  Luckily my inelegance wasn’t a problem and so for a recent special occasion we decided to go to Zushi in Cardiff.  The restaurant is an independent sushi and noodle bar located on the ground floor of what used to be the AA building and is now a block of stylish city flats at the end of Queen Street.

The interior is clean and modern (as is to be expected form a Japanese restaurant!) with the chefs working on their creations in the middle and the conveyor (the first in Cardiff, but we now have a Yo Sushi) transporting them around the restaurant.  You can sit either at the conveyor or in a series of booths, we choose a booth, and the plates range in price from £1.70 for the basic hosomaki and salads up to £3.70 for some of the Sashimi and more elaborate/exotic creations.  The menu can be found here and has a pretty good range and there were also things on the conveyor which didn’t feature on the menu at all.

Salmon Sashimi

In addition to sushi they offer a selection of Ramen, Noodle and hot dishes which read like a mini Wagamamas menu.  We didn’t try these, but I think I would go back sometime to give them a go and see how they compare.

With the opening of Yo Sushi in St David’s 2 Zushi now has some competition.  As a result they have introduced some good value lunch and evening offers.   The evening offer is £13.99 for all the sushi you can eat from the conveyor and also includes miso soup, coffee and ice cream if you want.  Before arriving I was a bit sceptical that this would mean a small selection of low price plates travelling by and I was prepared to have to ask and pay for some pricier items.  Turns out I was wrong.  There was a great selection of plates of all colours, and there was certainly no shortage.  Plenty of hot and cold, meat and fish dishes as well as salads and even desserts.

The sushi was of a high quality and I had no complaints about what we ate (and we ate plenty!).  My only issue at all would be that the restaurant was fairly busy (not a problem for them!) and so occasionally things were all taken before they reached us, but this is just the peril of a conveyor system.  Disappointment at someone having eaten the tuna I had my eye on aside, this was a great deal.  The eat as much as you want (what a great challenge!) meant we could relax and gorge ourselves without having to be scared that we would need a loan to cove the bill, a serious consideration with some other sushi restaurants I’ve visited – it’s so easy to get carried away!

So to sum up; a great restaurant, a really good offer and an enjoyable evening out.  Well worth a visit if you like sushi, especially if you don’t want to spend too much.


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