Fajitas, a fun sharing meal!

I really like food that is served up in the middle of a table for people to help themselves.   I love that people interact with the food but I also think it’s great that there is this element of choice and personalization to what they eat.  Each person will end up with something slightly different, and uniquely theirs.  For all these reasons I enjoy grand meals of choice such as tapas and meze, but the principle is also at work with simpler meals such as fajitas.  Although there is only ultimately one dish being served there is still plenty of choice for customization.

All the different components for my fajitas

Making fajitas the other night I decided to use chicken and the accompaniments were tomato salsa, guacamole, softened onions and peppers, grated cheese and some mayonnaise (I didn’t have any sour cream to hand!)

The first thing I needed to prepare was my softened onions and peppers.  For this I used a red and a white onion which were sliced and gently cooked over a slow heat.  For the pepper element I used to use a fresh red pepper cooked down slowly with the onions, but now I use a great shortcut.  Lidl sell jars of grilled and peeled sweet red peppers (the long ones rather than bell peppers) stored in a sweet vinegar/brine.  These contain about 10 peppers for £1.49 and are absolutely brilliant.  Get one out the jar, wash slightly and pat dry and you have a perfectly softened pepper ready for use without any of the work!  For my onions and peppers I sliced up my pepper form the jar and stirred through warming gently once the onions were cooked.  I prepared the rest of the accompaniments while the onions were softening.

Softened onions and peppers

Tomato Salsa


Next job was the guacamole and salsa!  Both pretty straight forward.   For the guacamole I mashed up an avocado with some mayo (about 1tbsp) and lime juice (maybe half a lime at most, I used a bottle so to taste really).  The salsa was just two large tomatoes (or about 8 cherry ones) deseeded and chopped then mixed with 1tsp of olive oil, 1tsp of tomato puree and 1/2tsp dried chilli flakes.

The final thing to cook was the chicken.  I sliced up two chicken breasts and mixed with 1tbsp of Cajun seasoning (which contains black pepper, garlic, onion, parsley, dried red pepper and cayenne pepper) and 1tsp of sweet smoked paprika mixing with my hands to make sure all the pieces were evenly coated.  The chicken was then cooked with a little oil in a pan.

Chicken cooked in spices

To serve I pile up some tortillas and place each component in its own dish with a spoon letting everyone dive in and make their own fajitas.  All the quantities above serve 2/3 and are easily scaled up for more people!

Building up a fajita

A finished fajita, ready for eating


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One Response to “Fajitas, a fun sharing meal!”

  1. Janice Says:

    I’m coming round for dinner….Fajitas are our family favourite and, like you, we love having everything on the table for people to help themselves. However, we are greedier than you and our fajita fillings are usually bursting out of the tortilla lol!

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