Pea, Broad bean and Mint Risotto with Seared Salmon

Pea, broad bean and mintrRisotto with pan seared salmon

With the weather not quite settled down to glorious sunshine yet, I have been trying to find meals that are light, bright and spring like. Yet they must still be filling and warming enough to stop you feeling hungry on some of the colder evenings.

Upon discovering some forgotten salmon fillets in the back of the freezer, one of the dishes I decided to try and create was a spring vegetable risotto, topped with some salmon.  However my original vision was scuppered by the lack of fresh peas and broad beans available when I went to the supermarket, leaving me to resort to tins!  This was not quite the celebration of spring veg I was had envisioned!

Pea, broad bean and mint risotto (for 2)

1 small onion, finely diced,

Half a clove of garlic chopped, or a small one, the puree stuff is fine as well!,

125g risotto rice,

Half a small glass of wine (no measures, just a good glug),

400mls of vegetable stock,

1 tin of garden peas drained,

1 tin of broad beans drained,

½ tsp dried mint,

25g of parmesan grated,

A small amount of olive oil.

I began by adding the peas, broad beans and dried mint to my pan of boiling stock.  I then gently softened my onions and garlic in another pan before adding the risotto rice and cooking through for about 45 seconds to a minute.  Next I chucked in my glug of wine, the remains of another evenings bottle, allowing this to be absorbed before beginning to slowly introduce my stock to the mixture (trying not to add too many peas or broad beans at this time).

Once around 2/3 of the liquid had been added to the pan I separated out half vegetables and 50mls (ish) of stock and pureed this with a blender and set aside, continuing to add the remaining liquid and vegetables to the risotto.  At this time I also began to heat a small frying pan for my salmon which would take about 8 minute to cook through.

When all the remaining stock and veg had been added and absorbed into the risotto I added my lovely green puree, followed by the parmesan.  Cooking the whole lot through for about a minute more then serving topped with the seared salmon.

When I first opened the tins of vegetables  I felt disappointed by the lack of vibrancy in the colours, but in the end I was really pleased with how the risotto turned out.   It tasted great, and I don’t think the lack of fresh vegetables was detrimental at all, not bad at all for a largely store cupboard meal.  I have now invested in some frozen broad beans and peas for the future, in case the supermarket lets me down again.


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2 Responses to “Pea, Broad bean and Mint Risotto with Seared Salmon”

  1. Janice Says:

    Now I understand why it is an odd colour lol! The salmon looks so fresh and lovely, I bet the risotto tasted good, even if if was slightly grey!

  2. Ananda Says:

    Salmon looks scrumptious …am hungry!

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