A Chocolate cheesecake that’s not quite as naughty as it looks

A slice of cheesecake

I’m currently trying to eat a fairly low fat diet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t fancy a treat now and again.  So using the excuse of some friends coming round for the evening, I decided to try and make one of my favourite cheesecake recipes, but with some low fat alternatives.   In the end I replaced the biscuits, butter, cream cheese and crème fraiche for lower fat versions, giving the following recipe which serves around 12.

300g of dark chocolate, 60-70 % coca if possible (no low fat alternative for this J)

300g light cream cheese

200g reduced fat crème fraiche (30% less)

2 egg whites (I used medium eggs)

250g light hobnobs (or other oaty biscuits)

60g butter substitute spread

I began by bashing my biscuits into tiny pieces, placing the biscuits in a plastic bag and hammering them with a rolling pin.  This is immensely satisfying to do, and I like to believe that the calories I worked off went some way to negating those still to be found in the cheesecake.  I then melted my butter substitute and mixed in the crumbs, stirring till all the crumbs were well covered.  I pressed this mixture into my tin (25cm diameter) and put it in the fridge to chill while I set about making the filling.

The biscuit base all pressed down in the tin

This involved putting the cream cheese, crème fraiche (apart from a heaped dessert spoonful saved for decoration) and chocolate into a glass bowl, which was balanced over a pan of simmering water (taking to care to make sure the bottom of the bowl didn’t touch the water itself) and stirring until the mixture had all melted and combined, which took about 7-8 minutes.

Combining the chocolate, cream cheese and creme fraiche over simmering water

This mixture was then set aside to cool slightly while I separated my eggs and whisked the whites into soft peaks, which I then carefully folded into the chocolaty goo, before retrieving the base from the fridge and pouring the lot on top.

Folding in whisked egg whites

Next I decorated the cheesecake, placing small blobs of crème fraiche around and creating a swirling pattern by placing a skewer into the centre of a blob and dragging it out into the chocolate mix a few times.  This is really simple to do, but looks very effective!

Decorating the cheesecake with creme fraiche

Finally the whole cheesecake was chilled; this should be done for at least 3 hours, but preferable overnight to allow it to set.  I made mine the night before people came round.  Finally before serving I got the cheesecake out of the mould and placed it on a plate.

Unfortunately I did snag the side a bit getting it out (after chilling it’s still soft and quite fragile) so it didn’t look quite as perfect as I would have liked.  However it did go down well, and I don’t think anyone guessed that it was “low fat”.  It was still rich dessert (so a smallish piece is still very satisfying) with a strong chocolate flavour but not sickly, the crème fraiche giving a refreshing sharpness.  It certainly didn’t seem to taste dramatically different to when I used the original ingredients, and I think next time I could probably go slightly further in cutting the fat, maybe trying the extra light cream cheese and half fat crème fraicheThe Final Cheesecake

On final word of warning, this recipe does contain raw/partially cooked egg whites, so it’s important to use fresh eggs, and pregnant women and people with suppressed immune systems should probably give it a miss!


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7 Responses to “A Chocolate cheesecake that’s not quite as naughty as it looks”

  1. Tes Says:

    It looks stunning. I know it is going to be so delicious. I will really gonna cook this when I’m back from a trip. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ananda Says:

    Lovely cake!…loving the swirls

  3. MaryMoh Says:

    Love that it’s low fat. I can eat more 😛 Looks beautiful.

  4. noblenourishment Says:

    It certainly doesn’t look low fat, I LOVE the swirly decorations 🙂 I must give this a try, I can almost taste the hob nob base… lllarrrrrr!

  5. rhiannong Says:

    Thanks for all your comments, I’m glad you like the look of it. Good luck with your own versions, let me know how they turn out!

  6. hopeeternal Says:

    This cheesecake looks fantastic and great that it’s lower calories too. We love crème fraiche. I must bookmark it to make sometime … soon!
    ‘Meanderings through my Cookbook’

  7. Janice Says:

    That looks great!

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