Not quite the meal I had planned – Baked lemony cod with a rustic bean and chorizo stew.

When I decided what I was going to cook fish with a bean stew one evening I envisaged frying the fish to get a lovely crisp skin to contrast with the soft stew.  However it turned out I had forgotten just how long two small pieces of cod take to defrost (even when placed on the underfloor heating in the hope of speeding up the process) and so I resorted to baking the cod in the oven semi frozen.  In the end I think this may have helped create a nicer dish.

In an effort to make sure the semi-frozen fish didn’t become dry and tasteless I decided to liberally apply olive oil and some grated lemon zest both underneath and on top of the cod.  I then bunged it in the oven and poked at it occasionally to try and guess when it was actually cooked.  In some kind of miracle (which I like to think is my natural cooking ability, but which I’m really quite ready to admit was luck) the fish ended up cooked just about right.  It was also deliciously lemony!

The stew was a slightly more straight forward affair combining plenty of garlic, chorizo, onions, borlotti beans, tomatoes and some grated carrot to bulk it out a little.  This also should have had some smoked paprika in it to add yet more depth but unfortunately I forgot to add it.  The whole lot was cooked down until it was quite rich and thick.

The stew and the fish worked really nicely together, the lemon contrasting well with the depth of the smoky stew and I was pretty pleased given the last minute change of direction.  It didn’t look to bad either…

Baked Lemony Cod (for 2)

Two small to medium pieces of code fillet

Zest of a lemon (quite finely grated)

2 tablespoons olive oil

Plenty of salt and pepper

Season both side of the fish, drizzle some oil in a pan/baking sheet and add a little of the lemon zest.  Place the fish in the pan/baking sheet skin side down and drizzle more oil and the rest of the lemon zest on top.  Bake in the oven on 180°C for about 15mins (prob 10 – 12 mins if not semi-frozen!)

Chorizo and Bean Stew (for 2)

A tablespoon of olive oil

Around 75g of chorizo cut into cubes

An onion, diced

Half a tin of tomatoes,

A clove of garlic, thinly sliced

A tin of Borlotti beans

Half a teaspoon of smoked paprika (both hot or sweet paprika would work)

Salt and pepper

Fry the onions and garlic gently in the olive oil until softened before adding the chorizo.  Cook for another 2/3 minutes and then add the tomatoes and beans and paprika and cook together for around 10 mins till nice and thick.  Season to taste.


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One Response to “Not quite the meal I had planned – Baked lemony cod with a rustic bean and chorizo stew.”

  1. noblenourishment Says:

    That looks beautiful! And very nutritious as well, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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