Gourmet Burger Kitchen, A Tale of Two Deals


Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) currently have a lovely offer on (ends 25th April) where Sunday to Thursday you can have two burgers and a plate of nachos to share for £10.  Never one to miss a bargain, I printed myself a couple of vouchers and decided to use on at each of the locations in Cardiff (on different days mind you!).

First up, the newer of the two restaurants which is situated under Cardiff Central Library.  This is a wonderfully bright airy space decorated with flip flops and surf boards.  The huge glass front means that it is summery even on the darkest of days.

We ordered and the nachos arrived as a starter.  There was plenty of topping and my only complaint would be that the nachos themselves could have done with a little salt, however as there was some on the table, this was an easy problem to fix.

Onto our burgers, I chose beef with satay sauce and my partner in crime went for beef with avocado and bacon, both cooked to a lovely pink medium.   My burger was delicious, very sloppy and completely impossible to eat in the manner of a burger, but my God did it taste good!

The satay sauce was both salty and sweet and the beef was ever so tender.  I looked like a five year old child by the time I had finished, but it was worth every splattered drop!  I have no idea what the bacon and avocado burger tasted like (being too busy scoffing down my own) but it was consumed without complaint so I will assume it was good.

For the second trip, the same deal again but with different burgers of course!  This time we went to the Cardiff Bay venue.  This was a lot smaller and felt cramped inside.  There was more seating outside the restaurant, but this is April and no matter how sunny the weather looks it’s not warm enough to eat outside of an evening yet!  The potentially great view over the bay was unfortunately blocked by a coffee shop, but I did manage to peer around it a little to watch night descend.

So… Nacho comparison!  Theoretically they should have been the same, however this second batch had less toppings and the avocado was done in some weird kind of tiny cubes (my partner first guessed it was cous cous when we saw it!).  Not the best, the previous lot were definitely better!  In addition to the being a bit lacking, the burgers we had ordered arrived before we had had much of a chance to attack the nachos and so we ended up wasting some of these.

Burgers … This time I went for Mexican beef (spicy beans, avocado and sour cream), and he went for garlic mayonnaise.  Again the burgers were the delicious moist pink the GBK does so well.  Mine was even more pink this time, as it had been ordered medium rare.

My toppings were tasty but lacked a kick, the spicy beans were not spicy and the whole thing felt like it had not been seasoned at all.  On the other hand that garlic burger was amazing flavoursome.  I tried some and it was scrumptious.  I will admit that it was one for the garlic lovers and that persons not quite so enamoured with the flavour and odour of garlic, or those coming into contact with important persons the next day, should probably avoid this one.  Unfortunately my partner, whose burger it was, found a stray hot chilli somewhere (the nachos?) which left him unable to taste a good deal, much to his disappointment.

Overall the deal offers great value for money and both places were acceptable, but if I have the choice again I will keep visiting the GBK in the centre of town.  Not that the Cardiff Bay place was bad enough to stop me giving it another try sometime.  I’m looking forward to the next GBK deal so I can try some more flavour choices!  Next time chicken……?


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One Response to “Gourmet Burger Kitchen, A Tale of Two Deals”

  1. Nick P Says:

    Hi Rhi!

    Thanks for the Bread comment. Been looking through your great blog 🙂

    Spootted this post. I too am a big fan of GBK!

    If see you’re based in Cardiff but if you’re ever in London way you must must try a burger from Byron. Honestly best burger I’ve had in a long time. Emphasis is on the quality of the meat patty. Melt in your mouth stuff. Does a brisk trade. The soho store has queues around the block. http://www.byronhamburgers.com/find-us/


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