Dinner Party to celebrate my new tablecloth!

I thought it would be fun to have a little dinner party to celebrate and christen the (stainproof!) tablecloth and napkins that I had recently been given (my first ever tablecloth!), and the napkins rings I’d bought in John Lewis to go with them, so I had a couple of friends round one evening last week.

The lovely new cloth, napkins and rings looked great, but the overall elegance of the look was let down slightly by the fact my flat only came with 3 placemats (there were four of us) and that we were going to be sat on orange plastic IKEA stools . This was because the chairs in the flat had the fatal design flaw that if a man sized person leant back on them, the legs separated from the chair back. This had been ably demonstrated with comic effect at two previous dinner parties. This unfortunate event left me with only one working chair that people were now too scared to sit on!

New Tablecloth!

Table all laid out

Luckily the food turned out okay!

I decided to do a roast and ended up getting a lovely piece of rolled and stuffed belly pork from Morrisons which was cooked fairly slowly on 180°C with plenty of salt rubbed in the skin in hope of getting some crackling.  I served this with roast potatoes (cooked in a mixture of sunflower oil and some duck fat left over from Christmas) mashed swede with butter, boiled carrots and steamed peas, sweetcorn and leeks, all topped off with home-made onion gravy (5 a day in one meal – not bad!).

I was pleased with how soft the pork turned out, especially as most of the skin did crisp up nicely.  Not elegant but good hearty grub helped down with a couple of bottles of wine and finished off with some chocolate seashells for dessert.  Overall a good time was had by all, so I’ll chalk it up as a success.

Needless to say I have now bought myself some placemats (which will need christening soon!) but I’m still working on the seats.


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